Entry level accommodation is a national crises. Government is intervening on a country wide scale to help develop basic housing but can not satisfy the existing demand. (The adjoining presidential housing project has a long waiting list of potential buyers.)

Witbank, being driven by mining and power stations, has a higher growth rate than the national norm and consequently has even greater pressure to provide basic housing.

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Mpumalanga has long been synonymous with mining activity in South-Africa.

Mpumalanga has 217 big and small mines strewn across the province, which contribute 22.3 percent of the value of the final goods and services produced in the province. In 2002, there was an estimated 60 000 workers employed in mining alone. Mpumalanga is endowed with extensive mineral deposits of coal, gold, platinum, and vanadium.

Most importantly, this is the province responsible for approximately 83 % of total coal production in the country. Mpumalanga is sure to play an important and rapidly expanding part in finding a solution to the national electrical crises. The re-opening of the moth balled Komati and Camden Power stations, and the upgrading of Arnot Power Station will also result in more job opportunities in the region.

As a result of the above mentioned investment in the area, not only the mining sector will benefit, but all ancillary services and industries. This in turn will result in the creation of more job opportunities which in turn will create growth in the demand for housing.



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